New Students Revving Up

Recently my students, a fairly new crop, have been coming in full of ideas. All I need to do is demonstrate how to make these happen, and they get right on it! Halfway through the semester, here's what we had: 

One session was about basic thrown lids: drop-in or sit-on-top? Make just an opening in the top of pot or create a gallery (ledge) in it for the lid to sit on? How to measure for good fit? What are the ways to add a knob or finial at the top?

One session was about throwing taller: collaring in technique, plus opening and raising the walls 1/3 (starting with top third), then middle third, bottom third last.

One session has been about making and attaching cup handles so they don't crack or fall off. All that good stuff.

Plus they've been absorbing handbuilding method tips, like texturing possibilities, how to join parts and finish edges, and how not to cause a flat object to warp... yes, all that good stuff. Full speed ahead!


Posted on February 27, 2018 .