Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is our return policy?

A: We take pride in packing our pottery very, very well, assuring that it will arrive in good shape. It is highly unlikely it will be damaged in transit, but if it is, please contact us. We will probably ask you to repack it as you received it, and ship it back for a refund or exchange. If you damage it in normal use, we cannot bear resposibility. We try to be fair, and hope that you will do the same.

Q: How secure is my online information when I make a purchase? 




Q: Where do our glazes come from, and are they food safe?

A: We use Stripe, which is affiliated with, our website construction company. Stripe is secure and trustworthy. Squarespace has too much at stake to utilize an inferior money-processing option. In addition, please rest assured that we at would not dream of compromising your online security or the integrity of our business with an insecure payment structure.


A: We have glaze recipes gleaned from years of reading books, articles and online pottery sites, as well as from experimentation with certain basic ingredients. We keep a stock of ingredients on hand and mix them from scratch in 6-gallon batches. Occasionally we use a dash of commercial glaze to accent our work. We make and use only food-safe glazes on all functional ware. 

Q: How many potters do you employ? Who is "we"?

 A: We use the Royal We. It's just Mimi making the pots and following through with everything except carrying in the 50-lb. boxes of clay to the studio. Sometimes she does that herself, too. Occasionally someone is hired to mix a bucket or two of glaze for her.

Q: I have a question not addressed by your FAQ page. What should I do?


A: Please e-mail Mimi at or call at 732-492-8558 if you have any other questions.