Funky Analytics Stuff

Website analytics is an interesting thing. I want to know, Who's looking? Where are they from? Are they coming back to look at more? 

I don't get to see who, but I get to see if they come back, and I can see more or less where they're from. (I mean- I don't live in the town my web footprint says, but it IS nearby, so... close enough.)

I get lookers from Ukraine, Ghana, The Philippines, Israel, Germany, England, Korea, as well as others... and all over the U.S., too. I was in North Carolina lately and left my card with various potters. Lots of hits from NC after that.  Lots of hits always from New Jersey, my home state, probably because my metadata on the website says (among plenty of other things) "NJ pottery". My cards are drifting around this state, too. 

Enjoying the pottery exposure, of course! But I often wonder if anyone is a would-be Loki, full of mischief. Lately I've had lots of hits daily from what appears to be a beautiful farming area (I looked it up) in Oregon, called Boardman. Each hit is from another originating number. No two alike. Yet all are from Boardman. That's strange! It feels like attempted hackings. If you're not scammers or hackers, Boardmanians, drop us a comment! Same for anyone who knows about this stuff... I'd sure like to know what the heck this is.

(Did a little erasing here for privacy, in case this browsing person is legit...)

(Did a little erasing here for privacy, in case this browsing person is legit...)

More by-the-ways-what-do-you-knows from the studio potter in the basement...

The beat goes on.

Posted on March 4, 2018 .