Studio Assistant

October 22: I have a studio assistant for the first time in all these potting years. She's a local college student. Teaching someone who never has wedged clay before is challenging, but I've done it before. I intend to give her the chance to practice, practice, practice...

All I want to say is, today (another first) I was not the one to mop the studio floor at the end of the day.

November 5: Have been continuing with studio assistant once a week. Studio is being maintained and someone who was not me weighed out and mixed up test samples of glaze (from recipes) for me to glaze fire on sample tiles. (Maybe a decent celadon will finally come out of this effort..?) Today I am going to make a mess glazing pots. But later someone will help me mop. Then I am going to do inventory for two upcoming events, and choose pots, price, list, and pack them- with help. 

I'm pretty psyched. 

Here's a pottery photo or two just to keep things lively.

cups and saucers for a good customer, bisqued and ready to be glazed

brushing wax resist on pot feet before glazing

Posted on November 5, 2015 .