Stoneware Glaze-Color Trials

Commercial underglazes, formulated to fire at about 1800 F, applied to the pottery as soon as the pots are finished being trimmed on the wheel in the raw state; these have been taken to 2232 F (cone 6) under my clear glaze. They darken or fade from their original colors a little bit. But the original colors are still vibrant. These small plates are to hang on the studio wall for reference when customers order dinnerware!

I already have 7 non-underglaze glazes that have been in regular rotation for a few years. Now, out of a round of new glaze tests, I found these to add (below). They have tonal variation within them that is rich and interesting when they are layered over the gray-white Cornwall Stone glaze. I got mottled pink-red (red chrome satin) and spearmint effects! Hoo ha!

Posted on February 4, 2016 .