Racing into Spring

Notwithstanding another 6" of snow coming our New Jersey way, Happy Spring! Nothing is sleeping at the pottery studio and gallery here. So many things are happening!

You can now follow me on Instagram at Mimi Stadler Pottery, and I am on Facebook, same name. "Follow, follow, follow!" as the song in the Fantasticks went.

You can find more works added to my website with each glaze kiln that I fire and unload. 

My students are growing in skills steadily and exploring an expanding world of ideas.

Date couples have been in and out of the studio, having two hours of fun and getting their own finished work back a few weeks later. 

The studio is full of pottery drying, pottery bisqued and waiting to be glazed, pottery in the midst of the glazing process, and pottery going into, being fired, and coming out of the kiln. The gallery and website are filling up and are then getting thinned out again by purchases. 

So... follow me on Instagram! And Facebook! Please bookmark and check back to my website now and then. Because you never know what you might find!

Posted on March 20, 2018 .