Serve it Like It's Worth Eating!

Food and drink. Can't live without them. You might as well enjoy them as much as possible! I see great looking home-cooked meals photographed by my chef-like peers and shown off via Facebook and Instagram, and my chef-ly peeps are serving the food on paper dishes. Yo. Don't do that to your cooking. Put that gorgeous food on a great dish! It deserves it.

Don't be run-of-the-mill. You're blessed with ability and individuality. If I've eaten at your house, or if you take and post cool photos of your own cooking, I'm sure of it. Take a few shekels, and go get a plate that makes you happy, to serve on it.

Here's the plug for MSP... because sometimes I ought to! For something cool and one of a kind, I make many "singleton" objects or very small sets, sometimes priced for people on a tight budget who have (this is also important, listen up) personal flair. While lots of my work is $40-$140, and I hope those speak to your "likes". The occasional thing is as little as $10 and really good for letting you dress up a meal. Some of these characters are here on my website (see menu above), but other things can only be found at The Gallery Downstairs. So... Drop in. Shop a little! You can give yourself or a fellow chef a gift. You won't be sorry. Then... send me a photo of the dish, in use, for my website! I'll credit you as photographer and send you 10% off your next purchase for having personal flair and good taste. 

Do your food a favor. Give it a dish it deserves. 

Posted on June 2, 2017 .