Rocking Out with… Rocks.

Textures and shapes from the earth. Rolled and tumbled in streams and rivers and the oceans. Scratched by retreating glaciers eons ago and still bearing the marks. Celebrating…rocks.

Maine coast rocky ledge, somewhere near Bailey's and Orr's Islands (Photo: Mimi Stadler 2013)

boulder, Harpswell, Maine (photo: Mimi Stadler 2013)

Looking downstream, Carrabassett Valley, Maine (Photo: Mimi Stadler 2014)

Looking downstream from a wooden bridge on Sugarloaf Mountain, Carrabassett Valley, Maine (Photo: Mimi Stadler 2014)

Streambed rocks on Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine (Photo: Mimi Stadler 2014)

Rocks weather and erode into smaller and smaller particles. And the smallest of these, with or without the addition of other minerals and oxides, make up…clay. When I'm not hiking and kayaking around rocks and taking photos, I'll be in my clay studio. Meanwhile, keeping inspired by the geological origins of my medium!