Gifts as Memories

Remembering Selma, who I met at Kean College's pottery studio, whose daughter let me choose these while she packed up the contents of her late mother's house

and Selma's sister Eleanor, long gone, a weaver and a woman with style and beautiful silver earrings, who gave me a gift from Oaxaca, Mexico, made by Dona Rosa

and thinking of Suzanne, my potter cousin, who let me choose this woodsy cup from her work on the shelves in her light-filled studio

and carried these home in her hand luggage from Japan for me 

and Liz, fortuitously met at a symposium, who became a pottery friend, and gave me a bowl she made- which makes having a pear, a pear with a friend

and smiling to think of my grown children, who when they were small made these often-used and much enjoyed pots (among others)-

Gifts from the hands of the people in my life, rich with memories.


Posted on April 10, 2014 .