Pottery Classes & Date Nights


Pottery Classes

Pottery classes are 8-week sessions, 2 hours per session.

Cost: $320 includes clay and classes. Firing fees will vary depending on the number and size of pieces. 

When: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11am- 1pm

Class Size: 2 wheel students or up to 4 hand builders

Ask about the next starting date, at mimistadlerpottery@gmail.com!




Pottery Date Sessions!

Pottery Dates are for couples or BFFs.

Cost: $120 per couple, includes all costs

When: Availability is from Tuesdays through Thursday evenings, Saturday evenings when the days are short, or Sundays; each is a 2-hour session.

Group Size: Up to 2 hand builders

Email to book a pottery date at mimistadlerpottery@gmail.com!



Pottery Night Out

Bring some friends and DIY! 

Cost: $60 per person, includes all costs 

When: Tuesdays-Thursday evenings, Saturday evenings when the days are short, and Sundays, 2-hour sessions. 

Group Size: Up to 4 hand builders or 2 wheel throwers*

*Product from a single wheel throwing session is unlikely, but fun is a given!

Schedule a night out at mimistadlerpottery@gmail.com!