Pottery Classes & Date Nights


Pottery Classes

Pottery classes are 8-week sessions, 2 hours per session.

Cost: $320 includes clay and classes. Moderate firing fees will vary depending on the number and size of pieces. 

When: Choose from Monday through Thursday mornings or afternoon. Or choose from Tuesday through Thursday evening. I keep the number of students very low so I can be flexible about setting a class time.

Class Size: 2 wheel students or up to 4 hand builders

Beginners through Intermediates and one-to-one classes for Advanced students; all will find plenty to learn and try. Email me through my Contact page today to ask for more information or to set up your lessons! 




Pottery Date Sessions!

Pottery Dates are for couples or BFFs.

Cost: $120 per couple, includes all costs

When: Availability is from Tuesdays through Thursday evenings, Saturday evenings when the days are short, or Sundays; each is a 2-hour session.

Group Size: Up to 2 hand builders

Email to book a pottery date at mimistadlerpottery@gmail.com!



Pottery Night Out

Bring some friends and DIY! 

Cost: $60 per person, includes all costs 

When: Tuesdays-Thursday evenings, Saturday evenings when the days are short, and Sundays, 2-hour sessions. 

Group Size: Up to 4 hand builders or 2 wheel throwers*

*Product from a single wheel throwing session is unlikely, but fun is a given!

Schedule a night out at mimistadlerpottery@gmail.com!